Personal Narrative Essay: Zip-Lining In Costa Rica

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When I found out we were going zip-lining in Costa Rica I couldn 't believe it I have always wanted to go zip lining and now I can check that off my bucket list ! that morning we woke up got our friends, and got on a tour bus to take us there to the place to go zip-lining. When we got there we got our harnesses on, Climbed the ladder to go up in the high trees, then my stomach dropped when i got to the top. I knew that I needed to face my fears, even if it was I was frightened! Then again I was only seven! I couldn 't believe how high we were. We were like 30 feet up i the tall, fat, and blood curdling! Since I was to young to go by myself I had to sit on my dad’s lap through all of the courses. The first one was the the most

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