Personal Narrative Experience In A New Year's Night

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New Year’s night, 2014 between 7:00 and 8:30pm was like every New Year’s Eve my family and I do, we pop fireworks, my mom will be in the kitchen cooking and some of my family will come over and we have an amazing time. That New Year’s night was different though instead of being home I was in the E.R this is one of the most painful situations I had ever felt in my whole life. Everyone panicked because I told them “it feel like my stomach is about to explode, we need to go to the E.R fast.’’ The pain felt like a life or death situation that I could not just shake off. Don’t forget that it’s New Year’s and who would want to spend their New Year’s in the hospital, I felt like I was the Grinch and that I was about to ruin the New Year. We were going to pop fireworks at midnight and I was so excited because that’s one of my favorite things to do and I simply love popping them. Simply the amazing view of seeing the beautiful colors of the fireworks when they pop in the air.…show more content…
I genuinely wish this never happened to me, but I am glad it did because I feel peoples’ pain and how short life is. I never knew that I could have died from one of my kidneys failing, the pain I felt was so unimaginable. The horrible pain came at least two weeks before New Year’s and the pain was only mutual and was not truly hurting like that. After two weeks, it started to hurt more and more. By the time New Year’s Eve came I couldn’t walk and I was telling my parents I needed to go to the E.R. You know, before parents take you to the E.R they would want to make sure something wrong with you. I understood what my parents meant, but on New Year’s I had to go it was

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