Personal Narrative: Eye Opener

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Eye Opener I remember it like it was yesterday. It happened freshman year football season just two weeks before the first game was to happen at a regular practice doing drills. Till the one fateful event happened I was doing a simple hitting drill where one guy runs with the football and you have to catch and tackle him using the right angle so that he does not run right by you just as we had done before at practice. We rotated through the line and faced each other two times, the third one is what changed my life for a whole year I lined up caught and tackled my teammate and then BOOM! I have never felt a pain so excruciating as I had gotten after that tackle. I thought I had my leg ripped off my body I couldn't get up so I had to get some…show more content…
I went to the doctor the next day and was there forever like an hour or more only for him to tell me he had no idea what was wrong so it was a waste of time to even be there. I then went on the get and MRI and X rays which were sent to a specialist. The specialist was a very young man maybe in his thirties which was different for me because every doctor I had ever gone to was an older person. We waited forever once again while the specialist took a closer look at the X-rays but he finally was able to figure out what was wrong and his face was not looking good when he walked into the room once again. I feared the worst while I was sitting on the table and when he walked in with a intense looking face I knew it was bad. The doctor told me I had torn my hamstring and it was so violent that it came all the way off the bone bringing some of the bone with it. This meant months of being on crutches and a year of physical therapy. I was depressed upon hearing the news and was sad knowing I probably wouldn't be able to play baseball that year. I was on crutches for six months and physical therapy for another seven months slowly making progress day by day. While at physical therapy I did many drills along with treatments. The most painful drill had to be the one were I had to sit in a chair and then use my legs to walk across the facility only one thing
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