Personal Narrative: Failing Mcmurphy

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I’m staring into the darting eyes of a stupid, bewildered nurse. I sense the fear that resonates from her as she shakingly draws her hands to her mouth to gnaw at the absence of fingernails, and rightly so. I cannot fathom how anybody can make mistakes on a simple report. Detailing McMurphy as rebellious and disruptive. Impossible, no one is in my institution. I agree that he still has his character from the outside world but he’s in my world now and he doesn’t stand a chance. I’ll observe him now. No one is as good as I am at dealing with these imbeciles. I hear the quiver of the paper between the nurses fidgety hands as I leave her to watch that asinine man.

Below me, in the courtyard wander the puppets. Roped exactly how I want them. Lifeless, dull, knowing exactly why they belong in this place. Surrounded in grey. This is exactly how i want them to think of their lives. Grey like …show more content…

The next few seconds appear to be in slow motion. I watch as the rope-like control i’ve held over my puppets begin to fray all in the space of a few nugatory seconds. I watch as the mute that i believed to be of no real significance create the first fray. I watch as the giant jumps up, and puts it in the basket. This is all from the account of McMurphy. Did i not think he was a problem? I knew he still had character, but why did i not act on it sooner! Now he is bringing out the character in others. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Although now, I see him for what he is. He is a catalyst for change. How did I not see that he has a sharp knife, ready to cut at the holds i have on my patients here? I sense the once stupid nurse behind me, “did i not tell you he was rebellious and disruptive?” She senses the fear that resonates from me as i shakingly draw my hands to my mouth to gnaw at the absence of fingernails, and rightly so. How could I mistake a practically lethal patient to my operation as not being a threat? The nurse leaves me standing, looking out the window,

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