Personal Narrative: Falling Into A Swamp

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Falling Into a Swamp One bright and sunny day I had to go to school in first grade like normal and I couldn't wait to go home and play in the snow. The day went by in a flash, when school was over my dad picked me up and I told him about school and went home when we got home I asked my dad if I could play outside but he told me to put on my pink puffy jacket . My dog Norton was outside with me and my dad went inside and went on his computer in the backroom. I didn't know how to swim. I thought that it would be a good idea to walk around the little edge of my 8 foot pool. The edge of my pool was just the right size for my feet and I held onto the wall of the pool so I wouldn't fall in. My pool wasn't frozen yet so if I did fall it would be water. I went all the way around my pool 3 times and I wanted to go around one more time. My arms were getting tired of holding on but I…show more content…
I slipped...It all went black for a minute. Then when I realized that I fell in the pool and I tried to get out of the pool but my pink puffy jacket pulled me to the middle of the pool. So screamed for my dad but he didn't hear me for a minute. Norton my dog jumped into the pool to try and save me but I slipped from his short white fur and I screamed for him some more and he heard me that time. He saw what I was doing and ran outside and darted for me. My dad came over to the pool and took everything out of his shirt pocket and pants then jumped into the pool. My dad is a very good swimmer so he jumped in and got me out right away. Then everything went black, when I woke up I was on the floor in my house with a blanket around me and I took a hour nap on the floor. The next week my dad and I went to my dad's best friends house steves house. Steves son gave me a card and a stuffed animal horse that said to feel better. Steves son and I were friends so we threw that horse to each other down the stairs. I was fine the day after and I had to give my dog a bath because he
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