Personal Narrative: Fastball

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It was a cool fall night, and Joey was up at the pitcher’s mound, ready to face the most challenging team in the league, the Tigers. “Ok,” Joey thought,” I can do this.” Joey’s hands were shaking and his knees were weak. Joey got into his windup and threw the first pitch. It was a fastball right down the middle. The hitter from the other team smacked it down to second base and the second baseman threw him out. The next batter stepped up and he threw two fastballs and a change up to strike him out. Joey was confident he would end the first half of the inning pretty quick, but then he saw Conner. Conner bullied him at school because he had a weight problem. Every day when Joey got to school he was picked on. The thing that Joey hated the most…show more content…
It hit him square in the nose. He felt good about but then realized it was a bad idea. While throwing the pitch so hard, he threw out his arm. Joey was the best pitcher on his team and he knew they didn’t have a chance against this team without him pitching. Of course, Joey was taken out and all he could do was watch the rest of the game know what tomorrow would be like. The final score of the game was 6-38. The other team demolished them. The next day was torture. “Ha-ha you’re team sucks,” said John, one of Conner’s friends. Joey didn’t even know how Conner managed to spread the story this far. “It was only a baseball game!” Joey told everyone. He felt so hopeless and unwanted. At lunch no one wanted to sit with him and people left notes on his locker saying he should go on a diet. Then Joey realized, he had another game against Conner’s team next week. He knew that one way to help all of this was to beat Conner at his own sport. When he got home he skipped all of his homework and went straight to the drawing board. He started practicing his swings and his pitches. Over the course of the next few days he trained for is next game. By the time the game came around, he was ready. It was Monday night and Joey
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