Personal Narrative-Feeding My Family

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My life was complete the day my first child, Luke, was born. His delivery went smooth, and I did not need an epidural. He was cleaned off by respectful nurses and given to me. I decided on breast feeding my child because the benefits extend well beyond basic nutrition. I had baby monitors everywhere, even in closets. Luke was a heavy sleeper, so as days went by I started using less monitors. I made sure he rested on a hard, flat mattress all the time. Sometimes Luke would sleep on his parents' bed, but I always made sure there were pillows around to prevent a fall. I was very over protective because it was my first time raising a child, and trying to be perfect. Overall, I have created a strong bond with my baby because I was always around. There are many things a…show more content…
I am happy he does not complain about not being breast fed. Free water is given during meals, he loves blue cups! As I finished raising his sixth month old self, I made his try eating cheese and yogurt. Thankfully, he loved it. I am excited to be able to add another food option for Luke. The sight of Luke being able to pick up his cheerios and eat it on his own, warms my heart. Luke is my proof that I have played my mother role. Raising Luke made me afraid to ever mess up because it might affect him. He often sits up to watch television, he loves Elmo! Luke cannot sit up without pillows by his side for safety. He is soo well behaved, I often leave him alone in my room with the television on. He is left with the baby monitors on, this gives me time to clean around the house. Raising Luke made me become an extremely organized, and clean person. Baby Luke is very fussy about not being able to climb up the stairs. At the end of nine months, Luke is crawling everywhere. At the rate Luke has grown, I feel like I am no longer needed. Luke burps on his own after feeding himself. He is moving forward quickly, and quite a few teeth came
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