Personal Narrative: Finding Myself In High School

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High School is a time in your life when you truly find yourself at a stage of coming of age to a young adult. Those four years impact one’s self in many different ways and form the person you become in the future. During the first few days of my high school career I felt that I was at the point in time when I started knowing myself and the person I wanted to be for a good path towards my future. Finding myself in high school was the start of cultivating new relationship around me that had a great impact on the person I was and wanted to become. Friends are an important aspect of high school and take a big part in you as a person. All my friends have made me the person I look up to now and have help me find myself more each day. Although, the path towards the right and true friends was just a little bump in the road.
Before going into highschool I had a group of eight friends that I spent the majority of my time with throughout middle school. Going into high school we all imagined staying
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My freshman year as been a crazy one and each day I get to spend it with the people that make my day 100 times better. I have never been closer to a group of friends and my relationship with each one has grown tremendously. Being in this group I have change as a person and feel closer with myself and the people around me. I am not so closed in anymore and feel I can be myself around each and every one of them. The greatest gift in life is friendship and I have received that. I value my group and feel somewhere I belong. As for myself throughout the remaining of my high school I will have people by my side each step of the way, no matter what we will be there for eachother. At a moment in my life I am very proud of the person i've become and the people I surround myself with that fill my life with

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