Personal Narrative: Firefighters

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The sirens squealing(verb) down the pavement. Honking as they skid throw the intersection. Racing to the house that is like a breathing dragon.(imagine this) The people inside the excessively heavy bunker gear taking time out of their day to respond to calls. Leaving the supper table when the tones of the pager go off. Voluntarily(adverb) spending their time at the station learning new skills to help the community. They are volunteer firefighters and that is what I was created to be. My mom, dad, sister, and uncle are all active in a fire department. And my grandpa was on the fire department in the 70s. My grandpa was on for about ten years. My mom and dad were both on the fire department in my old town. When we moved in 2012, they joined…show more content…
I was always helping the firefighters washing trucks, rolling fire hose, and going to parades to ride on the fire trucks. When washing trucks, I would help dry the trucks. After pumping large volumes of water we would take the hose and wash it down. After it dried I would help roll it and put it back on the truck. On the 4th of July we would go to parades and the kids would ride on the top of the truck. These prades would conflate the department as it was a time for everyone to bond and everyone could just hang out as a group. It was cool to see your friends on the long route winding through the center of the town waiting for candy and you get to through a chewy(adjective) piece of bubble gum to them. In addition to Being at the station as a kid, I got to know the firefighters. The firefighters were like an extra dad who would look out for me. They encouraged me to be the person I could be. If it were not for them and my parents I would not be the person I am today because they shaped me to the person I am today. If my parents weren’t on the fire department, I don’t think I would be where I am today. The fire department has taught many life lessons like you have to work for what you want and life isn’t always easy but You find a way to get through

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