Personal Narrative: First Week As A Freshman Baseball Player

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First Week as a Freshman Baseball Player
The summer was almost over went I realized that in a couple of weeks I will be in my new school that is not anymore a school, now we are talking about a college. When the times came I was on an airplane, on my way to Texas. My feelings were really emotional because I was living my hometown, the city that I grow up and never left for too long, on other hand, I was really excited because I was doing what it was right for me. I had a scholarship to play baseball and study for free.
At the airport my friend Eduardo, since elementary school, and the coach from my college, picked me up at the airport. On the way to the college I was asking questions about the college to my friend because he knew better than I the college and the baseball team. I remember my first question that I ask Eduardo was that if the temperature became more heated because by that time the temperature was cold, and he said “Yeah, the temperature is going to get heated in a couple of weeks”, and I said “I hope so because I don’t like cold temperature”. We spend an hour to get to Clarendon College, finally I arrived and unpack my clothes and get everything really for my first day at College.
Next day in the morning the coach went to my room to go and get my paperwork ready and choose my courses to
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For my coach’s theory practicing is the key to success not only in baseball also, in any sport. After class I went to practices to be a good baseball player and like my other teammates to achieve our goal. In fact, every time we were at practice our mentality was to make that practice the best one. One time at the field I was feeling bad and I can’t concentrate at the field because I had too much homework to do in my classes, it was my first week at college, I was trying to get ahead of everything and get comfortable with my new program, but at the end of the day I handle it
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