Personal Narrative: Fish Creek In Door County

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For the past 9 years, my family and I have been going to an amazing place called Fish Creek in Door County, Wisconsin. It’s a small little town on the strip of Wisconsin. This year was probably one of my favorite years. We did many things like tandem biking, walking through the town, swimming, eating, and spending quality family time. As we were tandem biking through Peninsula State Park, our hearts racing, sweat dripping, and hair flowing through the breeze, I noticed a slight tug on my shoe. When I looked down, my shoe lace was tied up in the chain. So I yelled stop to my mom and she said “gosh dang it Brynn you 're going to get us killed!” Besides that incident it was a pretty good 7 miles biking up and down hills. Swimming was also…show more content…
Eating, playing board games, exploring the town, and swimming. We played a lot of dominos. It was fun, I mean I don’t think I’ve ever seen my parents laugh so much. Another thing we did is visit the duck at the lake and feed them bread. But , this year there was only one duck! All alone just floating in the water. As usual, my brother always has to name the ducks so this year he decided to name the duck Mr. Flappers. It’s weird I know but he was a great duck. I’ll never forget him. We usually go up with my grandparents, but this year my grandpa had to get a hip replacement surgery so they couldn’t go. Instead we invited my other grandma along. It was fun, but it sure was different without my grandparents with us. Every year we always eat a whole bunch of junk. But it 's really good food. This year we discovered a restaurant that we never heard of. It was probably one of the best restaurants I have ever been to. They also had great pizza! Here’s a quote to sum up the paragraph: “Ohana means family, and family means no one left behind or forgotten!” I hope that you learned something reading my story. That family is really important and always will be! Also that every now and then you should chillax and take a little vacation. I had a fun time writing for you and hope you enjoyed my experience about Door County and I hope there will be more fun years to
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