Personal Narrative: Five Different Schools

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In my life, I’ve switched five different schools. One of these processes was challenging to fit in. In the year twenty fourteen I switched schools from Roberts Ferry to Hickman Elementary School. I came up to school that morning. It looked a little scary and intimidating. It was a lot larger than my last school. I managed to find my way to the room, and as I walked in everyone looked at me like I was a stranger(which I was pretty much).
“Class,” said Mrs. Patten.
“Yes,” said the class.
“This is Billy.”
“Hi Billy,” said the class.
“Noah, will you show Billy where his seat is?”
Noah pointed to the seat right next to him. I was walking over, and I felt a thousand pairs of eyes like weights on my back dragging me down. I didn’t know what to do with my hands.
Then when Mrs. Patten was setting me up with things (email and computer stuff),
“Do you have a book?” she asked.
I politely answered, “No.”
“Noah,” she inquired, “will you take Billy over to the library to check out a
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I was told to run around the track four times. I hated it. I started running, and it was the hardest thing ever. I never ran that far. Every breath I cherished, every pace I regretted, and the warm wind on my face only made it harder. When I finished, I was so happy, I didn’t even care how sore I felt. I ran to the library, and as soon as I opened the doors and felt the refreshing cool air conditioning the bell rang, and I was torn. I started limping over to the classroom, and she let us in. I was relieved. The air conditioning was on in her classroom, and it felt just as refreshing as the library. When we entered, we were given a worksheet, a cursive worksheet. I despised cursive, I thought it was pointless. When the bell rang, she excused us from class. As I left the school, it didn’t look as scary or intimidating. I thought to myself, I’m glad I made the fourth switch. I am surrounded by my cousins and friends in a safe
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