Personal Narrative: Five Little Monkeys Jumping On A Bed

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My pretty scar
How many of you remember reading Five Little Monkeys Jumping on a Bed? That reminds me what happened to me when I was preschool age. My experience was a little bit different, and most of the components as the story. This whole accident led to my hospital visit while I was passed out. That hospital visit gave me a scar near my eye and under my eyebrow. It feels like I just came out of the hospital. My grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, 2 brothers, and I decided to go down to my uncle Cad, aunt Tammy, and cousin Adra’s house in Urbandale near Des Moines. The car ride was boring like a 10 year old kid going on a little kid ride because their parents forced them to go on with their little sister/brother. I can’t remember if Michael and I watched a movie or not. We finally arrived there, it was really dark, if you looked where a street light is you can see, but if looked away from the light you will be able so see very little.
When we got there we had some chips, dip, and some salsa. While we were eating we watch some football, I’m not for sure if we watched NFL or college football. I didn’t really pay attention to the game, I just sat there and ate my chips. I thought the game was lame, and I was really bored. Usually if I watch a football game when I was little I would not pay attention
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When we were going there or got I woke up for 2 seconds and passed out again for the rest of the night. My mom took me in, and I got my stitches under my eyebrow. The doctor gave her something so she can take out my stitches. I didn’t know how it looked like when we got home. When I woke up I was shocked because I didn’t know what happened last night. I had a patch over my eye for some reason. I wonder how it feels like to have stitches put in. I’m guessing that you can’t feel it at all, because I think they put on numbing stuff. If they didn’t I think I would of woke up screaming and

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