Personal Narrative-Flannel Hunting Cabin

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The Strange Island
I was dropped off upon on a mysterious island to find a place to build my ideal hunting cabin. I was armed with a pickaxe, a hatchet, and a pistol. The first night I just laid my sleeping bag by the fire I made with twigs and the flint and steel I brought along. After I got my Barings I went out scouting for game. I found a trophy Mule deer after just being out for an hour. I quickly sprang into action, I started army crawling to the mule deer it had to at least be a 6 x 7. I was about 20 yards away and it started running I pulled the trigger twice all I heard was “Click Click.” I had had forgot to insert the mag.
The deer had gotten away I was very mad at myself for not thinking clearly. I was wondering around for about another hour or so judging on the position of the sun. I was now wondering around for probably another 30 minutes when I came across a stone
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I instantly jump back behind the wall he shot twice and he was holding a double barrel so I knew it was time to make my move I ran back up and shot him twice.
He laid there wounded on the floor I helped him up and bandaged him after I made sure he had no more weapons. I checked the man’s shotgun and found a name engraved in it his name as goose. I took his base gave him a Bow with 5 arrows and sent him on his way. I have been using that base for about a year now I have Dramatically upgraded it is now completely armored titanium and I have made it about ten times bigger. It has massive stone walls and in front of those stone walls are spikes so sharp just touching them will penetrate your clothes and skin. After the whole year I have lived on the island I came to realize that there are hundreds of humans who inhabit this area. I have come to make friends with some. One goes by the name Nic he is a pretty good guy he is somewhat civilized compared to all of the
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