Personal Narrative: Food Memoir

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Food Memoir: The Killing of a Hog Growing up on the countryside in Louisiana is one of the best experiences of my childhood. My grandfather would always go hunting, giving me the opportunity to eat various types of wildlife. There would be times when I could not stand the thought of eating certain animals, but then there were times when I could not pass up the opportunity. Even though, I was afraid to go near most animals at that time I still had a love for eating wildlife. Ever since I was a little kid my grandfather would always attempt to lure me in with his wildlife cooking. Even though, my grandmother banned him from cooking wildlife inside he still managed to continue, by building his own kitchen in the backyard. Throughout my childhood, my grandfather would kill, clean, and eat many different animals such as raccoons, rabbits, frogs, and even possums. Most of the time I would give his wildlife cooking a try, like the time he made fried frog legs. While the frog legs were still sizzling in the pan you could see them jumping from the nerves inside. Despite the horrific scene of the jumping frog legs in the skillet, it may have been one of the best…show more content…
In the bed of the pickup truck was a massive beast, which appeared to be a female hog that had been shot and killed. I questioned my grandmother wondering what use would my grandfather have for a dead hog. My grandmother was enraged because no one had thought to get her opinion before delivering the animal. So, I ran outside as fast as I could to see what was about to transpire. When I arrived outside I noticed a lot of nearby neighbors had come to see what was going on and to lend a helping hand. As my grandfather and four other men unloaded the hog from the pickup truck and placed it on a picnic table in the backyard, I realized the massive hog was about to be turned into a

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