Personal Narrative: Football Changed My Life

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Football is an accomplishment/event that changed my life and helped me go from childhood into adulthood throughout my middle school and high school career. It did this by teaching respect not just towards others, but to me, my family and my community it also taught me life lessons that I will use for the rest of my life. In middle school, I was a very disrespectful kid who did whatever I wanted to then I joined football and it helped me change my attitude. Then in high school, I started to mature and become more of a leader and role model for other players and people around me. So when I first started football in middle school I was forced into it by my parents and I really hated football when I first started it because of them. It…show more content…
So I choose the second option at first it wasn't worth it. Because I was, working so hard ever day and I still wasn't starting until one practice I did really good on scout defense for the starting offense that the head coach gave me a chance to start that week. I did really well during the game and earned my starting spot which was the turning point for me in football because I learned not everything is given to you sometimes you have to work extremely hard to get what you want. This lesson is something I don't just use for football, but for my day to day life and it's honestly helped me out a lot and it's one of the lessons that I learned from football that is still helping me grow up. So the football season continued and I found myself getting really invincible and I felt like I had my position secured but I was wrong I took it for granite and the coach had put the starting running back at my position during practice so I learned real fast about competition and at first I didn't like it actually I really hated because it made me have to try during practice but I didn't really get the big picture until I got older then I realized that it was really good for me and it made me a whole
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