Personal Narrative: Football's Longest Run

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Jaiden DeBose Humanities/Hanson Nov: 22,16 EA…………… The 80 yard touchdown run I always thought football would be really really hard and I would be the only kid that couldn 't score a touchdown,but that all changed on a single big run. It was a Saturday morning and I was getting ready for my second big game. Our record was 1.0 and we were looking for the win to be 2.0. Every game I have a goal, and that goal was to score the biggest touchdown of the game, but the team we were going against probably wouldn 't let that happen. But who cares I still believed I could do it. Before the game we had to do a roster check to make sure that we were all on the team. The players on the opponent 's team were huge they looked like monsters about to crush us. After the coaches were done doing the roster check we shook hands with the other team and headed onto the field. The coaches got the teams hype and everyone got set for kickoff I am there (corner and kick returner). The team kicked the ball off and oh no I dropped the open kick off and it costed us 10 yards, it was not a good start for but I shook it off and still believing my goal. The offense went onto the field and the next thing you know it was already fourth and …show more content…

It was my time it was the beginning of 4th quarter and I was on the side line waiting for the team to line up and finally it was time for kick off. Everything went in slow motion while that ball was in the air I was hoping I was not gonna drop it. The next think you right at the ten yard line that ball was in my hands and whoosh I took off just like lighting the coach was on the sidling counting saying go go go I broke off four tackles and the las tackle I broke was big I have broken free and I got my longest touchdown run. I went on the sideline and coach was so happy I told him my goal was to run 80 yards but he said you got more than 80 yo ran 90 freaking yards that 's amazing. I was

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