Personal Narrative: For Her Own Sake

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We went to sleep last night after our argument.Zara started crying after I asked her that question so I decided not To Push It Any Further For Her Own Sake.That Didn 't Mean I Would Stop Trying Thought. It Was Now Morning And I Was Sitting In Front Of The TV Watching Some Criminal Show.Zara Was Still Upstairs Sleeping While I Waited For The Girls To Be Dropped Off Over At My House.Jace Called Saying His Mom Was On Her Way To Drop Them Over. Right As The Coffee Machine Went Off Telling Me That My Coffee Was Ready The Doorbell Rang.I Got Up From My Comfortable Seat On The Couch And Made My Way Over To The Big Oak Doors,Twisting The Knob And Pulling Open The Door. "Hi Daddy!"I Immediately Smiled At The Sight Of Chloe Behind Her Sister 's…show more content…
"Thank You For Watching Them Mrs.Whitmore,I Appreciate It."I Smile Gratefully At Her.She Scoffs And Waves Her Hand Around Dismissively. "Nonsense,I Love Those Girls.They 're Like My Granddaughters,I 've Been Watching Over Them Since They Were Practically Born.So Whenever You Need My Help I 'm Here."She Smiled Back.I Nodded,Thanking Her Once Again Before Walking Her Down The Stairs And Waving Good Bye. After I Watch Mrs.Whitmore 's Car Pull Out Of The Front Yard I Go Back Inside With The Girls.Chloe Is Sitting On The Leather Sofa Watching Tv And Emma Is Crawling Around On The Floor.I Walk Up To Them And Sit Down Next To Chloe On The Sofa Causing The Couch To Dip Down And Chloe Along With It. "Did You Have Fun At Grandma 's House?"I Ask Her.Zara Had Previously Told Me Chloe Liked To Call Mrs.Whitmore Grandma Since She Never Had Zara 's Parents There And She Spent A Lot Of Her Time At Their House While Zara Worked. Chloe Turns Her Attention From The Screen To Me And Nods Before Looking Back At The Cartoons. "We Baked Cookies For Grandpa But I Really Missed Mommy And You,Grandma Isn 't As Good At Reading Stories As Mommy."She Pouts And I Laugh. "Where 's…show more content…
"Yeah It 's Good."I Smile.She Smiles Back At Me Happily And Walks Back Over To The Couch. "Come On Chloe Let 's Make You Something To Eat."Zara Motions Her Over With Her Hand And Chloe Follows Her Into The Kitchen While I Sit Down To Watch The Telly While Still Feeding Emma. After A Few Minutes Pass Zara Comes Back Out And Sits Down Next To Me On The Couch Without Saying A Word.Right When I Open My Mouth To Say Something Zara Talks. "We Need To Talk."She Says.I Nod While Looking At The Blank Telly And Wait For Her To Continue. "Grayson I Know I Haven 't Been Clear To You With My Feelings And I Know You Are Tired Of Me Going Back And Forth With You And I 'm Really Sorry.I Am Not Trying To Play With You Nor Am I After Your Money Or Anything.I Just...I 've Been Really Confused About Everything,Being With You And Putting The Girls Through All The Drama That Is Your Life...I Don 't Know If I Want That For Them."She Says.I Only Nod And Take A Moment To Gather My Thoughts Before Replying. "It 's Not As Crazy As It Seems,And If They Make Any Rumors I 'll Handle It.Who Cares What They Say Anyways,If We Want To Be Together Then We Shouldn 't Let Anything Stop Us."I Try To Pull Her Hands Into My Own But She

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