Personal Narrative: Fractured: How I Split My Skull

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(Robert) Jason Finley Dr. Woode English-1113 18 June 2015 Fractured: How I Split My Skull Mere hours after my great-grandmother’s funeral service in the summer of 2008, I plummeted to the ground from a tree. The back of my head and my right shoulder landed on the lips of some concrete blocks. I had to go to an urgent care center as well as a hospital. It was immensely painful. The stitches were annoying and very itchy. I was playing on a tree in my grandparents’ front yard, when suddenly the scrawny branch I was swinging on buckled and snapped off of the tree. This was due to the combined force of me swinging on it and the impact of my older cousin jumping onto it. As soon as it broke and I began to fall, my cousin began screaming
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