Personal Narrative: From Childhood To Adulthood

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Throughout most of elementary school I wasn’t very interested in sports. At that age I preferred learning about a variety of subjects. Many of my relatives and classmates thought it was weird that I didn’t have an interest in sports and never had the common little kid dream of becoming a professional athlete. However, as I grew older and spent more time with my older cousins I started to gain an interest in sports. Then when I was in fifth grade I decided to join the community basketball and baseball teams, although that wasn’t the most important decision, I think that it was through sports that I started to transition from childhood to adulthood. Looking back on it I believe that my transition to adulthood really started during my seventh…show more content…
Through the sport I learned and enhanced many life skills. When I first joined I wasn’t very good, in fact I didn’t win a single match my seventh grade year. I believe that humbled me. I was used to success in school and occasionally I bragged about it, but that stopped after wrestling showed me what it was like to be on the less gifted side. I also learned about goal setting, work ethic, accountability and many more traits. At the beginning of every season we sat down as a team and worked to set a goal for the season. The first couple of years it was to finish at least top four in our section, but then in my sophomore and junior year it was to win the section and advance to state. Senior year our goal is to place top four in the state tournament. Once we had the big goal out of the way we made smaller goals to earn first so we could check our progress along the way. After properly learning how to set goals my work ethic and accountability improved. I started to realize that I was making other people better during practice and that the team truly needed me. After I made that realization I started to work a lot harder in practice to benefit the team. Another trait that started to develop was perseverance. In school I always tried to do the challenge problems and enjoyed it, but if I didn’t succeed after one or two tries I gave up. Wrestling taught me to never give up and take on any challenge. During my seventh and eighth grade years I would
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