Personal Narrative: From Migration To America

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if the world was completely submerged in water today? How would you feel if your racial background dictated whether or not you were rescued? Even worse, what would you do if it dictated if you lived or died today? These are some questions that are present when hurricane season comes around every year. In todays society these are things that we should not have to consider since this is a forward moving generation. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. We live in a society where race and class means everything. In some cases, your race dictates your class and vice versa.
I am Bahamian born, but immigrated to Canada and grow up there for most of my life. So being from Canada I have never experienced the magnitudes of a hurricane or any serious natural disaster that could jeopardize the way I live and I would never wish that upon my worst enemy. As an international student, I have had the privilege of living in both Kansas and Louisiana. Both experiences completely different from other because Kansas has tornados watches while Louisiana has hurricane watches. Unfortunately, with scientific evidence of drastic climate changes around the world along with global warming contributes to the rising sea levels
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These hurricanes are formed over warm ocean waters and can sometimes touch land. If the storm hit land it pushes a wall of water ashore called a storm surge. That put together with heavy rainfall is what creates flooding which is exactly what happened in the south due to hurricane Katrina. Initially, it formed south of the Bahamas as a tropical depression, but by the time it made its way to southern Florida, Katrina had become a category one hurricane. By August 28 Katrina turned into a category five hurricane over the Gulf of Mexico, but weakened to category four before hitting land along the Louisiana-Mississippi
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