Personal Narrative: Future Derek Jeter

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In 2011, I was part of a baseball team that was put together from scratch. We had to quickly prepare for the 13 year old Babe Ruth World Series that we were hosting in Clifton Park that August. At the time, I knew very few kids on the team but what I did know was that the third baseman was first-cousins with the head coach. He also knew and proved that he was the best player on the team. For privacy and consent discrepancies I will call him Mark. Everyone loved Mark and portrayed him as some kind of "Future Derek Jeter". One day, however, after batting practice at all-stars academy in Latham, Mark and I ventured over to Target for some new bat tape. I had my eight dollars ready as I searched for the correct color. Not long after we arrived did I start to notice something peculiar about Marks apparel. Mark, being a fairly skinny kid, looked puffy and round inside his warm-up jacket. I inquired about his enlarged jacket and he immediately smiled and told me to keep my mouth shut. We left the store and he showed me what he stole, a Rawlings trapeze glove, matte tape, and cleat cleaner. I had trouble believing what I saw and I regret not saying anything to him at that point. In fact, I regret not…show more content…
I call it false because his parents, friends and coaches all believed he was this perfect leader on the field and off. Unfortunately, by keeping quiet, I was the only one who knew about his lack of moral values. When I reminisce about my decision today, I believe I made the wrong choice. I believe I had the wrong mindset when I chose to put the team 's success in front of ethics in general. I 'm not proud of my choice because it reflects on my character and morality. I felt the awkwardness and wrongness of the situation but I stayed quiet for the benefit of a sports team. It shows that I was a bit of a coward because I didn 't want to be portrayed as a rat or excluded from any social
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