Personal Narrative: Gambit Is A Good Horse

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At my house about three years ago, I put on my brown boots black jacket and black helmet on and walked outside. When I walked outside, I seen my mom saddling up two of our horses. I was going to ride on Spirit and my older brother Gabriel, Gabe for short, was going to ride on Gambit.
Gambit is a good horse. You can do anything with him and he would be fine with it. Gambit is a horse but I don’t know how tall he is. Gambit is brown and white, with a brown and white mane and tail. He has four white socks. Spirit was a good horse also, you could ride her any day and she would be fine and wouldn 't give you any trouble. You could ride her bareback and she would let you get on and stay on with no problem at all. She is such a good horse. When I was 7-8 years old I fell asleep on her back, and she let me.
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Before I could get him back he runs off as fast as he can make the horse go. So then I kicked and told the horse to go. It didn’t take long for me to get him back. Once I got him I ran away from him which was hard to stay away because he was on our second fastest horse was have and my horse was lazy and didn 't was to do anything. Finally my brother catches up to me and tag me back. I tried to get my horse to go faster but she didn 't want to go. Because she didn 't want to go faster he started bucking to get me off of her so I wouldn’t make her go faster anymore. The next thing I see is the top of Spirits head. Then I fell on to the ground head first. I fell so hard that it cracked my helmet, I can’t use that helmet anymore. Spirit jumped sideways to avoid running me over. After I was bucked off my brother got bucked off to. He used his arms to stop himself from hitting the ground. While me and my brother was playing horse tag my mom thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of us riding. When she took the picture I was bucked off and my brother was just coming out of the saddle. In it you can see Spirit jumping sideways and I look like a pancake on the
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