Personal Narrative: Getting A Puppy

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Getting a Puppy After years of begging, I had finally convinced my mom to get me a puppy. My mother, a very practical person, didn’t think that we would be able to take care of a dog. But with my expertise on dogs and a little bit of charm, I got her to come around to the idea. Around 4 pm, we left to go pick him up in Grand Forks. It was a warm July day, and a light breeze blew through the car windows. I stared at his picture on my phone and thought of all of the tricks and games I would teach him. I was so excited to meet him. His fur was black and white with specs of tan, and a nice pair of tan eyebrows. His eyes were almost grayish, and he had a black nose. I’ll name him Chandler Bing, I thought to myself. I wanted to name him that because he is my…show more content…
After a while, he starting whining so I let him wander around the store a bit and played with him. He trotted around, his oversized harness dragging along after him. He already knew how to weave through my legs and kept doing so while I tried to walk. We played around the store until my mom was done paying. I picked him up so I could carry him to the car. As we walked around the mall, many people stopped to look at him. “That is one cute dog,” said a man. I know, I thought. One girl asked me what his name was. I looked at him licking my face and smiled. “Chandler,” I said. “Chandler Bing.” I was very surprised that Chandler did not bark at all…not even once! We got in the car, and he licked my face nonstop. Every time I pet him, he licked my hands and looked at me. A few minutes into the drive, he yawned and laid down in my lap. Eventually, he fell asleep in my lap and slept the whole way home. After just a little bit with Chandler, I knew I could take care of him really good after all. After all, he was just a small, furry puppy. How hard could it be? I was glad that I never gave up on asking for a dog. Tired and content, I watched Chandler move around in his sleep, dreaming. I knew he

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