Personal Narrative-Getting Device: Spring Break

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Attention-Getting Device: Spring Break remains one of colleges biggest traditions in the United States. It has gained the spotlight of college movies, shows, and other sorts of media. About 600,000 college students around the nation look forward to this week now a days more than children do for Santa Clause.
Introduction: This caught the attention of my naive friends and I so we thought “why not” and decided to take an adventure into the unknown world of this college holiday. I am from a small town in Southern California called Highland. Every weekend I would plan trips with my friends where we’d go to famous places around California just to see what the hype was surrounding it.
Body: Having this mentality in college just made the world more
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We pull over, pop the hood and realize that the engine had overheated from driving up the mountain for so long. Luckily, there was coolant in the trunk of Jacob’s car so we immediately grabbed that and poured it into the coolant tank. We waited half an hour for the engine to cool down then started it back up with our fingers crossed. First key turn nothing, second key turn nothing, third turn still nothing. After 7 turns it finally worked and we were back on schedule only back an hour due to car issues which was okay as long as we could keep going. Not only 2 miles later we were back on the side of the road dealing with this stubborn foreign car. With 4 hours of constantly driving it and it breaking down we finally made it to the exit that was 5 miles up the highway. At this exit we were all confused why this was happening to us. It seemed like our vacation was slowly crumbling in front of us. Logan, who was driving Sammie’s car at the time, had consumed numerous energy drinks and caffeine pills which were suppose to keep him awake for his driving shift. With everything going on and the situation being there was just too much for him and his nervous stomach to handle as a result of this he began to puke. In light of the situation it did make me laugh, but that did not change the fact that we were
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