Personal Narrative: Ghost Rider

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When I was informed that I was finally large enough to ride Ghost Rider, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Everything seemed like a rush to me, and when it came time to go to the adventure park, Knott's Berry Farm, it was like I couldn't get the excited feeling out of me. I kept bouncing and squealing, and I tried my very best to stand in line silently and calmly, but I didn't succeed. Although it wasted two hours stay put for, it was the best time of my life on a roller coaster. Ready to climb on and see what happened on this twisted, turned ride? I grew more and more excited as we approached Ghost Rider, the name written in phantom white letters in a ghostly font. The area surrounding the roller coaster and covering the line was groaning…show more content…
I climbed into my soft cushioned seat and felt the ride shift underneath my hefty feet. The rails were made of iron and steel, supported by strong, shabby beams made of what seemed to be oak. The ride before me sent the long car on a whoosh through the amusement park and the parking lot, where I spotted our automobile. My hair was flying, my body almost bouncing as the rushing, rickety ride pulled me away from the station. I felt as if I were jumping in the soft, fluffy clouds, someone, below my feet trying to pull me down to the ground, making each wavy bump feel like I had landed on sharp, rough boulders. The sounds of other girls squealing irritated me, but I still held on tight to the handlebar in front of me. I whined when the ride finished its course, but then I remembered that it had been my fault that my mom and I had to stand in line again. I felt happy that I at least got to ride the roller coaster once. Occasionally, you have to chose between taking the chance to make your day better or worse, or to just do the more essential things first. Amusement parks will always be there, but food may not. If you chose to do the necessary things, you can avoid my situation. I want you to remember that major events, like a roller coaster, are less critical that minor events, like the grocery store and they hold much more valuable items than roller coasters. They hold survival and
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