Personal Narrative: Girl Scout Cookies

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It all started one day while I was selling Girl Scout Cookies. I went to our new neighbor’s house, when I stepped inside, her 8th grade granddaughter, named Brittany, was struggling with her Algebra assignment. The grandmother had no clue how to help her, so I offered to explain it to her. That is when I found out that I had a knack for explaining mathematics in an easy to understand way. I started helping Brittany at school; at first it was a little bit here and there. Then, it became an everyday thing, before school, after school, it seemed to be all of the time. After one month of helping her we could see an improvement in her grades, she went from borderline failing to a C+; by the semester was over she had an A- in the class. By this…show more content…
She was really struggling with her teacher because she said that he was going way to fast for her and that everything he said just flew over her head. After helping her out she finished with a B in that class. Another unforgettable one was a girl that is one of my closest friends at school and her name is Macy. She has major anxiety problems and when she gets something wrong in class she feels like the teacher is making her feel like an idiot. As soon as I found out, I asked her if she wanted me to try and help her out. She was very uneasy about the idea of getting help, because she afraid of being made fun of. I started helping her and she started to improve right away. The next year she did care about her classes so I tried to get her to care again but it was no use she just gave up. In college I could be a tutor and help clear the fog away from the brains of some of the students to have them get the grades they want to obtain. Then, since my plan is to be a high school math teacher, tutoring is great practice for me to learn how to get the point across to the students and help them not hate math, unlike so many middle school and high school students do today. Maybe I will even be able to help others find their love for math, just like my middle school math teacher did for me. Or I could just teach them math until their heads explode, which ever

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