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Growing up with three siblings it was the survival of the fittest. It was us against everyone else, but every group needs a leader. The leader of our group was my eldest sister. She taught me many things about leadership and how to act around others. She was also the person who taught me what leadership was, and I believe leadership is the action of leading a group of people or an organization. Still, my leadership skills were developed even more in the organizations I joined throughout the years. With this in mind, the organization that influenced me the most is Girl Scouts. I have been in Girl Scouts for fourteen years, and since I am the oldest Girl Scout in Paulding County, the leaders expect me to teach the younger girls everything I…show more content…
Fairboard, and FFA I am expected to be a leader by helping out and doing community service projects. Even when I have to get out of my comfort zone or I am tired, I have to show up at the place where we are supposed to work. Being a leader, I have to set an example and be there to help out whenever I can. I help our community by cleaning up the sides of the road or volunteering. I also work in a management position at Marco’s Pizza which taught me how to lead a small group of people. Of course, there are many organizations that helped me developed my leadership skills, but leadership is not just based on leading or being in charge. I also have to listen to my friends or the younger girls to see if they have any questions for me to answer. I am usually there in my organizations and my job as a Manager in Training to answer any questions, to help guide everyone to do what is correct. I have to do my best, to find the answer, even if I do not know the answer. I would ask an adult to help. Organizations and the people I met growing up have shaped me into the person I am today. They taught me many ideas about leadership and how I use it to help me grow as a person. I think leadership is a very important quality to me because I learned growing up, that someone needs to help other people. I was educated to stand up for myself and others, not to be afraid of taking action, and that I can make a difference in the

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