Personal Narrative: Girls In High School

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I was usually a goodie-two-shoe except I had a major talking issue in elementary school that diminished during my high school years. It was pretty ironic how a talkative girl like me only acquired two friends, Namibia and Zambia, who were both outspoken girls with a unique personality. All three of us were our own crew starting from third grade when I first came to the school until fifth grade was when the pettiness began, the day Jackson came to school. Jackson used to come to Allen Christian School, now Eagle Academy, after she left in first grade. I was willing to become friends with Jackson since she was a friend to Namibia and Zambia but it seemed that she held a different response. Jackson wanted to “take” my friends away from me since she was their friend first. Now as an eight year old, you won’t take someone like Jackson seriously because you…show more content…
Since I started to become used to being withdrawn I forgot how to converse to my mother about my problems and struggles as a fifth grader. I will just reside in my room and a pair of headphones that became my sanctuary. Many saw the changes in me, mostly my teachers and parents but never my “best friends” and that was astonishing to me. The day I attacked Jackson will remain a blur until I die. All I remember, was going to science class with my project in hand, a hand-crafted car, the balloon which allows the car to move pops and hitting Jackson because of her taunting me when the balloon popped. The balloon represented a time bomb counting down the minutes of my patience for Jackson before I explode. My spirit left my body because of the darkness in my mind that it had to get away by leaving. Sometimes I believe that my soul didn’t want to be tainted by the evilness at such a young so it departed for my wellbeing. Time fast-forward and resumed when I was at the principal’s
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