Personal Narrative: Girls Soccer Team

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My arms shot up in the air as the small crowd wailed and shouted. As we ran around with smiles on our faces and achievements on our mind, we took in the fact that we finally scored our first goal of the season.

I started playing on a soccer team when I was around seven, and it’s been my favorite sport ever since. It’s when I started high school that I realized soccer wasn’t as meaningful to the small school as I hoped it would be. It turned out Mendocino hadn’t had a girls soccer team for around 4 years and that was quite a discouraging piece of information. Once Sophomore year began to come to a close, I grew excited for the actions that were being taken in order to finally have not only a girls soccer team, but a boys as well. The startup of our high school having a team brings hope that
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I can vividly remember the play that led up to our first goal. The skillful passes from player to player, defeating each person that tried to obstruct our one-set minds and our eyes on the goal. Our timing was perfect and our moves swift, I was baffled at the precision and skill our team used and I quickly came to understand the growth the team had reached. I can never forget the moment when we all ran in for a group hug to express our joy, it made me feel an emotion I never thought i’d feel for a school sport. Although it was just one goal and we still lost, a sort of realization came over me. That game, I realized how much this team meant to me, I was astounded by how much this team of 12 grew so close so quickly. Through the drills and the strenuous fitness days, I realized how meaningful it was to be apart of something like this. Maybe it wasn’t as much of a tremendous deal as I made it out to, but what I thought was a chore of having practice almost everyday I learned to cherish its extremely short season and the meaning it
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