Personal Narrative: Gofers Society For Creative Anachronism

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I walked into my house the door wide open and a damn sword stuck the ceiling; I could see the back yard with a crapload of holes in it again. This is the last time I am going to let my roommate bring his crazy gofer friends over again. The last party they had the gofers brought over some woodchuck prostitutes and they chewed off all my legs to the table, who know what they did with them. This GSCA group gets way out of hand. That is Gofers Society for Creative Anachronism. Sure their fun and all, but when they have had too much to drink the place goes to shit. I am sick of it! I grab the sword from the ceiling and marched down the hall, I whipped open his door and my roommate was covered in gofers, they all looked up at me like I was crazy.
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