Personal Narrative: Going Down In History

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Going Down in History I remember it like it was yesterday. The adrenaline rush, the anticipation, the sky-high nerves, and the undying support from our small Community. Softball, just like football is a very prided sport in Danville. In 2008 it was my sophomore year of High School, which meant another year of softball. Another year of unforgettable memories with teammates. Little did we know, that year of memories would include winning our towns first State Championship title. For the first time in history, us girls would be taking home not only a trophy taller than our auditorium trophy case, but state rings as well On June 7th of 2008, my team and I gathered onto the school bus to make our way to the Akron Racers Softball Stadium. Our hearts …show more content…

I remember starting to sweat and get jittery. This was it, this was our time to shine and prove ourselves. Not only that, but make our town proud. When we walked in, the stands were packed. All we seen were huge waves of blue for the Danville Blue Devils. Our opponents were Triad. I remember telling a teammate how much bigger they were than us. This was a State Championship game, I’m not sure what I was expecting, the opponents should look intimidating if anything. Once the game started, our nerves finally started to settle, and we were all getting into our groove. We always played well together and we all made an amazing team. The first inning was a little rocky, we had a few minor mistakes. But by the second inning we had the lead 2-1. By the bottom of the fourth inning, it was a tied ballgame. I remember our coach calling a time out and giving us a pep-talk. In the bottom of the seventh we were up 4-2. It was Triad up to bat. Our defense needed to be top-notch to keep them from scoring. Our second baseman had an out at first. Another girl hit a pop fly, which was caught by our catcher. There was a runner on second, who was leading off the base. Our catcher called a pitch that she knew the batter could not refuse, when she missed, the runner on second attempted to steal. The catcher threw the ball to me, our third baseman for our last out of the game. In that moment, nothing else mattered. We won!

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