Personal Narrative: Going Over Spring Break

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“So guess where we’re going over spring break?” “Where?” I asked my mother. “Where going to St. Louis to visit a wax museum.” When she told me about this trip I was not thrilled. I hate going out of town. There’s nothing to do, your just siting on you butt, and eventually it starts to get numb; you’re just bored for hours. Not to mention I have five younger brothers and sisters. I would have to it in the car with them the whole entire trip and they’re very loud. I don’t like being in the car with them for ten minutes, I didn’t know how I was going to survive a whole trip. The day of the trip my mom woke all of us up at six am, I was tired, I was hoping I would get to sleep in since I was on break. She could of told of me I wasn’t, because I was sure cherishing my sleep. “How long is the drive?” I asked my mom, “about four hours,” she told me. I couldn’t believe it; I knew it was a far away drive, but four hours. Before the trip we went to pick my grandma up, I asked my mother “why are we going to grandma’s?” she tells me “because grandma is also coming.” Great more people just what I needed. She also tells me “I’m only getting one hotel room.” Now I’m pissed there are eight people going on…show more content…
"What are we going in the Basement for? I asked her, she tells me "it 's a surprise." We get in the basement and it turns out to be a haunted house. Can this place get any better? There was blood all over the floor. Aliens and Predators wax figures were out. Rodents of mice and spiders were everywhere. Icky gooey slime was everywhere, and every turned I made I was frightened. I don 't know how but some of the figures were moving, I was too scared. I was overwhelmed; who would ever though a haunted house would be in a museum, not me. After the entire presentation we got ice cream, which I believe was the best part. During the ice cream they talked to us about some fun
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