Personal Narrative: Going To A New School

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Can you imagine going to a new school and feel like you don’t belong there? I know a lot of people moved to United States without knowing English but I felt like I was the only girl in my new school who didn’t speak the language, it’s hard to get used to a school when you don’t comprehend what people surround you are saying. I was 10 years old in 5th grade feeling like I did not belong here. It feels horrible to leave everything you did for 10 years, your family, friends and everything you had. When I came from Ecuador my first days were very gloomy. The first thing that happened to me was when I got rejected by my aunt. My dad took me to her house to say hi to her because I had not seen her in years. She was in her room and she jus never came to the living room where I was waiting. That’s when I noticed all I have here is my mom, sister and father. From that moment I just hated living here but I knew all my parents wanted was a better future for me. The day to start school came and I was scared but I also wanted to know how school was going to be here. The first days in school were very hard, never really understood a word the teachers were saying and it was hard for me to make…show more content…
my new school was very small and most of the teachers really cared about us. One of my favorite teachers was my ESL teacher she is very pretty and patient with all her students, always made sure I understood eveyrthing. She made my three years in middle school so much easier, in those three years my english got so much better that I was able to hold a conversation with my friends and i was able to do my work in class without translating. The only thing I was still scared to do was read in front of the class or do a presentation because I felt like the other students were going to laugh at me. That was my only fear and sometimes I had to do it and i hated it because it was so nerve
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