Personal Narrative: Going To Florida

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Going To Florida
I was finishing up 5th grade one more day to go I said in my mind.
I can 't wait as the time ticked by.

Finally! School is over for 2 months of vacation, yay! I was so excited schools was over and I was going to go to florida.

We packed the day before for us to be ready to go to Florida. We were on the road and going I saw a gas station we needed gas so we stopped by. I got off and got sour patch kids to eat on the road. We drove and drove I got bored so I played a board game with my brother.

It was getting dark so we stopped at a hotel (the hotel was called holiday in). We got to the hotel showered and brushed our teeth then we went to bed. The next morning we went to eat breakfast it was good I got eggs, bread, cereal, apple juice. Then we got in our car and went back to driving. Soon we will get their I said to my brother. So we waited it out… I fell asleep somehow.
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Once we got their I asked my cousins if they wanted to go to lego land. They said yes so we we got in our car and went. When we got their we wanted to do the roller coaster so that 's what we did...Ahhhhhhh! I thought i was going to die once the ride stopped I wanted to go to the waterpark so that 's where we went. We went to the water park and the first ride we did was croolers twist, and splash out. These rides were awesome. It started getting dark so we started to head home. Once we got back to my cousins it got dark so we went to sleep.

When I woke up I went to my grandmas house (they live near each other). She made me tacos with beans it was good I had two tacos. Once we were done eating we went to the mexican store to buy some candy. I got hot cheetos they are good.
We went back to my grandmas house and played outside we climbed the tree. We also played tag we were laughing and running because my cousin farted. Then we took a break and played with the dog. It started to get dark so we would have to go back home. I was sad to leave but I knew I would visit them next
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