Personal Narrative: Going To Grandma's Funeral

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It has been a couple of days since we found out that grandma died. It has been hard for me I was close to her, especially before grandpa died. Since then she has had… shall we say issues. She has been really distant and busy. Too busy to come see us or have us go see her. I mean, how much can an old lady have going on. Well anyways she left everything to mom. This is really good because we have been having financial problems. Now that school has ended for the year we are moving into her house. She owned over five acres. I do not want to leave Idaho just to move to the mountains in Colorado. We did not go to grandma’s house very often, more like twice. What I do remember about her house was that there was never anyone around. The car trip has been so long, but I do not want to ask how much longer again. Tanner and Tate do not care though. When they ask mom says in a really annoyed voice “about five minutes.” When we get there mom wants me to go exploring while she unpacks the car. I am twelve Tanner is ten and Tate is eight. Which means that I am in charge of them for as long as they want to explore. Grandma’s house…show more content…
When we got back to the house I tried to tell mom what we saw. She only said “Tessa stop being ridiculous, you know that we cannot move back.” I swear I did not lie. I wonder if mom had ever explored this place before. At dinner the mood was somber until mom brought up the fact that dad was coming. Dad is my favorite parent, he actually listens to me. Dad will be coming today, I cannot wait to ask him what he thinks of the shack. Mom has gone crazy this week trying to get organized. She has been yelling at me to help her, but all I can think about now is the shack. I asked her what she would think if I found a spell book and of course she screeched about how I should keep my head out of the clouds. That is when I ran, I ran far and fast. I did not think of going anywhere or where I would end up I just
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