Personal Narrative: Going To High School

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Education can open many opportunities Going to school was always a huge challenge. Not that I didn’t like school, since I always loved to learn new things. It was the fact that I felt different from everyone else. Growing up, my parents would only speak Spanish in the house. When I start kindergarten it was alright since the class was taught in Spanish. I was in taking Spanish classes up to the fourth grade. Then we moved to Berwyn which was a whole different environment. As I entered the fourth grade the only language spoken to us was English. I had trouble understanding what was being said to me so my teacher requested I would be put in an ESL course to help me. I didn’t like it at first, then I noticed that I was learning another language so that kept me motivated. I didn’t like to read out loud because I would get made fun of since I didn’t pronounce words the correct way. I …show more content…

She went out to a store to buy me a dictionary that translated Spanish words to English words. That helped me out a lot. Everything changed my sophomore year of high school at Morton east. The first day of school and I wasn’t really trying to go into my English class. The man I have to thank goes by the name of Mr. Reid. The first two months I didn’t say one word in his class. One day he asked me to stay after class so we can talk. At first I was panicked thinking I was going to get in trouble. We sat down and the first question he asked me was why I didn’t speak in class? What I said was what if I say something that other people don’t agree with. He said that’s the power of the voice you can have a different opinion everyone thinks different. The best part of writing is when you get your point of view out on a piece of paper. Many students would agree with what I would say since he said all the papers I turned in were deep in thought. He thinks many students will agree with what I have to

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