Personal Narrative: Going To School Without Walls

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Sophmore year was an awakening for me. It was the year that I could apply to college classes at George Washington University. Taking classes at GW was my ultimate reason for going to School Without Walls high school. I desperately wanted to graduate with an Associates degree. I wanted to be able to show that I was capable of handling college assignments and that I could reedem myself. What I mean by redeeming myself is that I wanted to feel smart again. Going to School Without Walls had been an overwhelming experience. Everyone was extremely bright and intelligent. I had never been in an environment with people of equal or more intelligence than me. I can admit that I was very stressed by this. School was a battlefield and I was losing each…show more content…
My gpa was fine but my PSAT scores were slightly lower than the requirement. The good thing about the program was that even if you didn’t meet the requirements they would still consider you for the spot. Excitement could not describe exactly how I felt when I heard that exception. I thought, “Maybe I had a chance! Maybe I could show them I had potential”. It was a risk I was willing to take. I started my common app as quickly as possible making sure that I would have enough time to complete it all. Especially, the essay I had to write. Writing wasn’t my strong suit; in fact I hated it. I would cringe at the words “5 page essay” because I simply could not master the art of writing. Who was I kidding, this would be a lot harder than I thought. A surge of discouragement took over my mind as I heard of the other students who were planning to apply. I was starting to doubt myself more than ever before. I wrote my essays and had my mom read them. She advised me to change some things and I did just that. I sent my application. I awaited the decison and I didn’t make it. I Didn’t even make it past the first stage. I denied applying to the program to anyone who had got

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