Personal Narrative: Goldfish

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“Yay!” I said when I received the goldfish. There were 2 of them. “I want to hold it, too.” my sister said, politely. I was 8 years old at that time; so, I didn’t know that having fish was the worst idea EVER. We were in Alhambra, LA, and there was a fair. There was also a fish game and if you score a marble into the cup, then you will win two goldfish. There were load and loads of games and rides like the sky slide;however,you must first need to pay for everything and it was also very dense there, too. It was quite a bit of fun. We went to Yogurtland (a frozen yogurt shop and it’s basically just ice cream) It was like a flood of people and cars. We payed for 1 game of the goldfish game and I won two goldfish even though I didn’t score any of the cups. I assumed it was my sister’s cuteness that made it. When I received the fish, it was like the best animal anyone could receive. Then, we first put it in…show more content…
So, my dad created this tunnel for the fish to swim through. Too bad, so sad for the fat fish. It died right after the next day. I was kind of sad, but my dad bought another fish for me with a filter because my dad surely gained tiredness cleaning up a whole lot of poop and refiltering the water manually. Everyday the fish had pooped at least 5 times and we needed to replace the sponge every single night. A few days later, the other goldfish from the fair died and then my dad went back to the completely dusty store to buy some more fish. I’m not so sure what color they were (what can I say it’s been like 4 years), but I do know one of them… WAS BLACK. Dun, Dun, DUUUUUN! Anyway, the black fish was actually mean. It bit one of the fish, so that one died, and the third fish (the yellow one that was after the first goldfish that died) jumped out of the water and landed on the carpet and died because of that stupid black
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