Personal Narrative: Graffiti Walls In Houston

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Summer is a vast period of time in which days can become monotonous if the day have no activities to fill them. Plagued with the problem most students face during the middle of their summer, we set off on an adventure to capture pictures at some of Houston's famous graffiti walls. We decided it would be fun to go into town, but we had no idea where exactly we wanted to go. Houston, a vast city with countless activities, the polar opposite of our old town, Monroe, Louisiana, offers many opportunities for families to spend time together. In Monroe it took five minutes to get anywhere, and everyone knew the city like the back of their hand. In Houston there are so many places and so much to do, from Downtown to the Heights. Since this was our first summer break in Houston, it was hard to figure out how we were going to pass the time. Anisha suggested that we go to some graffiti walls and take pictures. She did that awhile back when our cousin was visiting and enjoyed it. Rahul and Jaya thought it was a smart idea, so with our car full of silly props, we embarked on our graffiti journey. Pulling up at our first stop,…show more content…
We took pictures at some of these walls which each had a certain characteristic. For example, love and kindness characterizes the heart wall. There were wings, a chameleon, the UH logo, hearts, a squid holding sushi, and two walls that said Houston. We finally took a picture at the Zipper Colorful Wall. The Zipper Colorful Wall's name comes from the various hues depicted on the wall, but the unzipped part of the wall had no paint on it. Anisha's favorite of the walls in this area was the chameleon wall. This was because there were stairs in front of it that you could walk on. Rahul's favorite was the squid holding sushi because he liked the squid. Jaya's favorite wall was the heart wall. This is because she thought that all the hearts together with different hues was
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