Personal Narrative-Grand Canyons

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A journey to the Grand Canyon in Arizona, was an experience that I will never forget. Ever since I was a child, it was a place that I wanted to visit ever since I saw photos of it in grade school. It was a book on the Seven Wonders of the World and that was the introduction to the world outside of El Paso, Texas, which was a welcomed treat. I did not get to opprotunity to go there until I was an adult and the drive there was amazing as well. To see the vast deserts expances change on route there is a site to see. The closer you reach northern Arizona, the higher in elevation you go,the terrian begins to change. Once you get to the road to the canyon, the area is forrested and you are immediately struck by the smell of fresh pine and clean…show more content…
In that momeht, everything in my life fell away and all that was left was pure serenity. I looked down into the vast opening of the canyon and see the how deep it really is. I look further out and see other canyons branching out in other directions to unknown areas of the canyon. The walls themsleves look weathered by time, but yet they stand sturdy and sererin defing gravity.

I can hear my friends approaching and that breaks my focus, but I do my best to stay in the moment. After some time admiring the view, we begin to walk along one of the trails that goes along the rim. We share a few laughs, but the view itself is too overpoweing and that keeps drawing my eye. I do my best to keep my friends enterained, never getting too close to the edge of the canyon and have a great time. We continued to explore the area for a few hours and but then the sun began to fall low on the horizon, the clouds and rain began to move in.

The view I had longed for ever since I was a child, is now beginning to fade away as the rain begins to fall, I take one last look from the visiter 's center and say goodbye silently. We left shortly after and I flet blessed to have shared that moment with my friends. I will go back again one day, there is still so much to see. I hope next time to travel down into the canyon for an even greater
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