Personal Narrative: Great Barrier Reefs

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Temperatures reaching highs of 30 degrees Celsius, we expected nothing less, summers have been getting unbearable and winters are nothing to what they used to be. Today started with a warm, gentle breeze with off and on rainfalls this type of weather was typical. It was 1:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, working as an assistant nurse in the local hospital. With a quick turn this pleasant summer day turned into one of the worst storms we 've seen in Port Douglas, Queensland. Winds howling at highs of 285 km/h and deluge of rain, we all took our precautions knowing what to do for this happiness all the time. It still surprises me that these quaint conditions can turn into a ferocious storm that can potentially disrupt many lives. On that day we got…show more content…
As part of the unesco (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) I took great care in preserving the Great Barrier reef for many more generations to enjoy, with being the year 2050 none of us knew how much longer the reef could last. This would be the first time in many years that I go see the reef. After suiting up in a wetsuit i was euphoric to get into the water and explore. The boat set out and after a short time I was in the water. I was baffled how warm the water was it must of raised at least a few degrees from the last time I was here. Subsequently to what occurred I must continue to help the coral and animals after quite a storm. After an hour or so I noticed the lack of sea life, years ago there would of been many Sea Turtles, the Blue Whale and a few Dugongs in which these are all extinct…show more content…
Recalling on the days when I was a kid coming here, remembering all the different colours from pinks to blues and greens it all felt like a fantasy. The brush of reality settled on me like a cold breeze on a frosty day, the coral was in no shape from when I was 15 in 2042. The coral was cold greys and lifeless blues, there was less coral from what I remembered. I knew this was supposed to happen with all the bleaching happening but I never expected it to happen so soon, astonished I knew it was to late to fix anything now. The coral was so weak and brittle, with only a little movement of water it withered away into a fine dust of calcium carbonate shells and skeletons. The acidic water wiped out of all the coral to almost extinction. Bothered by what I saw on this trip I headed up to the boat to report my findings to the unesco. The boat ride returning to the mainland I was shocked to find out how much oxygen I used up in my tank, the coral seemed so much farther down than I expected, the sea level insinuate so much higher. Perturbed by this I knew it was all an effect from climate change and we were all to late to correct the damage we

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