Personal Narrative: Greek Mythology

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The stream trickled outside my meager house in the woods. Weaving through the trees, the wind was as small as a whisper. The lush woods were quiet and motionless as ever. The song of birds outside was music to my ears, and the blue jays were arriving around this time of year, so that was a bonus. The air smelled slightly of mildew, but I was used to it.
I was reading a book and outside my neighbor, Demeter, was humming a lovely song as she gardened. Really, she was the only person around for at least three miles from my little shack I call home.
I decided to go outside and wade in the stream. It was as cold as ice and as refreshing as a nice nap. I always take a nice walk, toiling in the stream.
Every day it’s the same thing, go for a walk, read a book, listen to Demeter sing her lovely song. It can get really boring, but that’s okay, I’m used to it.
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I chose all of these people because they have the right qualities to be the god or goddess they were assigned to.
I gathered all the people at my house and explain to them what will happen. They all hastily agreed to my plan. I gave them each a golden cup full of my mixture, and they drank it all promptly. As soon as this happened, the whole house shook. I went to look out the window, and we were floating! The whole house. Just floating. Soon, we were very high. We landed on beautiful, pristine, white cloud. “Now this is where you will live. Up above on a cloud called Mount Olympus,” said the voice. “All of you have become gods and goddesses. Except for one of you. “Hebe,” it
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