Personal Narrative: Green Bay Packers

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Thousands of people are waiting. Thousands of people are wearing jerseys and talking about their favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers. My family was part of the thousands on August 8, 2015. We had joined one of the many parties where people were excitedly waiting for Family Night at the Green Bay Packers Stadium. I really didn’t care about football at all, but I was still excited to go and watch with my family. We had stayed at the party for two hours before it was time to go. The party had taken place at a house near the stadium, so it was a quick walk over there. Once we arrived, we suffered through pictures and waited to get in. When we finally got inside, we walked over to the infinite amount of escalators we would have to ride…show more content…
As soon as I sat down in my seat at the very edge of the top row, I couldn’t stay there anymore. On the verge of tears, I slowly made my way back to the area behind the seats with my mom trailing behind me. I was terrified of those seats, the very thought of them turned my knees to jelly. Feeling drained, I walked over to a small balcony near our collection of seats. I still wanted to watch what was happening. A while after, my mom and I went in search of more seats. This turned out to fruitless journey, because I refused to sit in any of them. So we traveled back up all those escalators and returned back to the balcony. Now tired of standing and just waiting for the game to be over, I decided to try and sit in the seats again. So, slowly and carefully I shuffled over to my seat and sat down and gripped the armrest tightly. After a while I loosened up, and the fact that we were up so high slipped from my mind, again. For the rest of the game, I had fun. I talked and laughed with my family and shared popcorn. It didn’t really matter that I had missed most of it, I don’t really think anyone was watching anyway. The day had turned back to sweet from sour, and I had a good time. But I don’t think I am ever going to sit in those seats
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