Personal Narrative: Groundhog Day

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“WOAH”!! Imma get it Imma get it!! What it do. I’m phil and I’m the flyest ground hog out here. I have my own town called punxsutawney. Oh yeah all the girls like me and all of them scream my name. Any ways I live in Pennsylvania I’m 130 years old but i take some good stuff to make me live longer. Well, tomorrow is Groundhog day, and i don't why but i'm really nervous about this one. Something inside is telling me not to leave the stump but i have to it's my job. If I don't people will never know there is more winter or if spring is coming and my handler will take me out anyway. So as i try to get ready for my big day one of my best friends Jack my handler's dog came to see me. I told him how nervous I was,and told me not to be. I’ve done
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