Personal Narrative: Growing Professionally

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Growing Professionally My view of professionalism when I was first starting my career after graduating from college was the typical business-attired yuppie trying to get her place in the huge world called “work.” First impression lasts, I thought. So why not try to make that impression without even saying a word. That very eager and yuppie view I’ve had then expanded as I inched my way through the working world. Now that I’ve made the impression, it’s time to make people know that I’m here. All the new things I’ve learned and the adjustments I’ve had to make with those people I’ve worked with contributed to what I’ve brought with me to MBPS. I’ve learned that professionalism is not just coming to the office in corporate attire and greeting everyone I meet. My first team leader taught me or rather reminded me, since I’ve known these all along, things MBPS employees here typically know that would show I’m a professional – coming to work and meetings not just on time but ahead of time, listening even if I have so much to say, accepting my weaknesses, working on my weaknesses,…show more content…
What do I do if some one I’m conducting coaching with in all his anger raised his voice at me and attack me with furious words that has nothing to do with the subject any more? Would I retaliate? I’ve chosen to keep the subject of the coaching in mind and reminded myself what I’ve signed up for. I get paid for my work, so I must deliver what’s expected of me. Calm would come naturally and you’d be surprised at how the situation would turn out to your benefit because you’ve chosen to practice that professionalism at a particularly difficult moment you didn’t expect it would be called for. Professionalism, as you would agree, is really a decision – to act in accordance to what a calm and tamed mind would in situations where it’s easier to
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