Personal Narrative: Growing Up As A Child

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Growing up as a child, within me I’ve always walked around and lived with a spark of life. I was a bright, fun, and happy child with a big future ahead of me, according to my parents, grandparents, my teachers, and all the other adults and relatives in my life. At the age of 11, I was almost complete with the fifth grade when I received some news that would change the world around me: my family would be moving, and that move would be far from any of my cousins, uncles, aunts, friends, anyone I knew and loved. Being only a child whose memories were filled with knowing one place, with the same friends and family, and now having to go create fresh ones, was definitely a scary experience; but I pushed through it. We moved in the early summer, and it couldn…show more content…
I was a loner kid, who nobody knew at all, and most of the time kept to himself in fear of saying something or looking stupid. Afraid of the judgement and acceptance of the other kids; always telling myself “maybe they’ll like me if….” or “maybe this will make them laugh.” I guess my insecurities, my constant need for some attention and wanting to be accepted made me an easy target. I was harassed over and over again, each day new words that would cut me, despite my fake resilience to them. I was called fat, ugly, faggot, queer, retard, bitch boy, etc. etc. Any hurtful word you can think of, I was called. Luckily for me, nothing ever became physical, but the words hurt, and they hit hard. This suppressed anger and self-loathing I had buried inside of me from the bullying, became radioactive when i got home. I took all my pent-up emotions and took them out on my family. Multiple times was I kicked out of my house, and multiple times did I have the police called on me. This lead into even more of a downward spiral transcending into my seventh grade year. The bullying increased, along with my pain. I never felt like going to school, and I spent my time staying up late into the night playing video
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