Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Basketball Team

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As the clock going down, score dead even. I knew this was my moment to take the big shot. The ball in my hands pulling from the three-point line as the buzzer going off. It seems that time pause while the ball flowing in the air. As the ball with in for the game winner, I knew this was my moment but it didn’t always look that way.

Growing up, I always stayed to myself. Of course I had friends but there wasn’t really anything that caught my eye that really had me interesting. Keeping my grades up in school wasn’t a problem. I even started joining different clubs to see if I caught an interest but still wasn’t anything. Until one day my uncle took me along with him to a gym to play some basketball. As I watch my uncle and others play, I started to get excited as I was watching. People running back and forward, ball going into the hoop. Afterward, I asked my uncle if he could teach me the game of basketball and he replied back saying yes. Suddenly, I started to get real go at the sport, so I decide to show my gym coach my special skill. After showing him what I could do, he pull me to the side and asked, “Would I like to play for his AUU team?” I answered, “Yes”. Next thing I realized I was playing every Friday at Westwood community center.

Actually after a few
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Never again was I some poor no one who rearranged miserably starting with one class then onto the next; now, I had a unique capacity—an ability. Interestingly, others admired me and adulated my achievements; already, I essentially thought commendation was something that happened to other individuals. I at long last realized what I needed to do with my life, and with another gathering of companions to help me through I could turn into the best basketball player I could be. With acknowledgment into school with a Division I basketball group, however, I could go much further toward understanding my
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