Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Latino Community

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From as early as I could remember I noticed I was not like the others kids. I had an interest for things most kids would not be interested in. I liked interacting with people, knowing about people and their life stories; I wanted to help in anyway that I could when I would hear everyone’s problems. I thought outside the box throughout my whole childhood and I wanted to make the most out of my knowledge. I told myself that I was going to dedicate my life to helping my community. To me it 's not about expecting something in return or a prize; it 's about the sense of Fulfillment which overtakes you when you realize that such a small gesture can change someone 's day or life. In the future I want to become an immigration lawyer, growing up in a Latino community. I saw people living in fear that one day they might just get deported. Not knowing how they were going to sustain their family if they were gone. The fear overtook me I imagined a kid having to grow up without a…show more content…
My mom came to the United States with no money to her name. She came here in search for a better life. No one helped her, she did it all on her own. Not speaking the language or being educated it wasn 't easy raising a child in a place which is so unknown to you but she raised me the best she could. I didn 't have the nicest things but I had the necessities which she could provide me with. My mother is what sparked the flame which drives me to want to help families in need. I don 't just want to help families in need, I want to help single mothers I want to build a shelter which helps single mothers on their feet. Im going to continue setting my standards high in hopes that I inspire someone to pursue their dreams. I hope to leave a long lasting impact on my community. The pressure of first generation children of immigrants isn 't easy but that 's why ill continue to work hard to prove all my mothers sacrifices being worth it. I want to make sure kids live in no fear of loosing their parents
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