Personal Narrative: Growing Up In A Military Family

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Growing up, my family fiction was one of maintaining family appearances, education as a priority, and a lot of competitiveness. As a child, I was what most people would call a “military brat.” It was hard enough having one parent in the military, but two was even tougher. Good thing for me my mother was more of the lenient type. My father on the other hand was a just down right mean. My guess was it had more to do with him being a Marine Corp drill instructor than anything else. When he would return home from his rotation of running recruits through the mud he had a very hard time turning the switch from drill instructor to father. I always believed he thought it showed signs of weakness. My sister and I only had one rule growing up, don’t mess up. Because of my father’s rank there was a lot of pressure for our family to keep up a good happy family appearance. If my sister and I got into the tiniest of trouble at school, there was hell to pay…show more content…
Being in a military family had its perks. I was able to live all over the U.S., and in Japan. We travelled a lot and I got to see many beautiful countries and amazing historic landmarks. Not many people can say they have been exposed to half the stuff I have as a child during their lifetime. Also, because of the way my parents are about education I don’t take it for granted. I am fortunate enough to have worked hard my first year of college, and received an academic scholarship. I always credit my upbringing for who I am as a person. Growing up in the military life allowed me to see the world, and have a better understanding of different cultures. Staying out of trouble was instilled into my brain, and still applies now. The competitiveness with my sister made us stronger, smarter, closer, and our education had made us both better people. Without my parents being the way they are, I wouldn’t be half the man I am
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